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Aukstaitija region in Lithuania

Aukštaitija National Park

Aukštaitija National Park is the oldest natonal park in Lithuania. With a size of Vienna it contains 126 lakes, 116 villages, a river and 17 streams. 70% of it is covered by forests.

Coordinates: 55.3637089 26.049774

Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant

IAE is the only nuclear power plant in Baltic states. After it’s closure on december 31, 2009 due to close similarities to Chernobyll power station, IAE will remain to stand near the largest lake in Lithuania – Druksciai for a long long time. A local radiation detector showed 9.1-9.3 sievarts during a visit, it’s a similar effect as eating 90 average-sized bananas.

Coordinates: 55.604443 26.55999900000006


Zarasai is a small city in the northeast part of Lithuania near borders to Latvia and Belarus. Surrounded by 7 lakes, rivers and hills it’s a perfect place to see the best of a typycal Lithuanian landscape shaped by withdrawing glaciers 25 – 22.000 years ago.

Coordinates: 55.7309609 26.245294999999942

Labanoras tower

Mindūnai tower is 36m height, which makes it the tallest tower out in the nature in Lithuania. If you want to see a couple lakes and famous Labanoro forest from a bird’s eye view you can find it near road Moletai – Ignalina.

Coordinates: 55.21927180 25.56092740


Ladakalnis hill rises 175 m above sea level, it is high enough compared to surrounding landscape to give you a view of 6 different lakes. It is thought to have been a sacrificial place for a pagan deity Goddesss Lada, the primordial Great Mother, wife of supreme god Dievas. She gave birth to the first-born twins in the shape of horses, who are related to the fire of the sky – the Sun and lightning.

There is a great oak on the top of the Ladakalnis hill.

Coordinates: 55.3663939 25.9906642

Šiliniškės viewpoint

Built on telecommunication tower in 2004, Šiliniškės viewpoint is one of the oldest of it’s kind in Lithuania. It stands on a hill and reaches extra 30.5 m to the sky to give it’s visitors an amazing view over the Aukstaitija National Park.

Coordinates: 55.3814343 25.9726909
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